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Hi Raf ;)
HI gang!
If joining us in Archeage, it is Inoch server :D
Welcome to Primal Fury. 
Members of the Tarnished Coast Community in GW2 and Inoch Server,  Archeage.

Primal Fury's roots began in old MMO's, though the core group met in a now defunct browser game, where we ran under the moniker of Primal Fur.  A group of intrepid adventurers, carving an enjoyable path through six MMO's together.  Meeting intriguing friends along the journey, we have finally made our home together, in Guild Wars 2 & Archeage. 

So glad that you have joined us...Welcome Home.

<3 Kitty
Guild News

A Path Once Taken....

Kittybock, Nov 18, 14 11:58 AM.
A path once taken, may call again....  A song, a whisper on a breeze takes you back.  You hear tales in the tavern, a bit here n' there at the mender.  You stop...adjust your pack.  Think back to old trails, comrades...laying waste to dungeons, dragons...questing for glory and fame, gettin' yer wee ass handed to you on a platter more often than naught.  Regardless the game.  Sometimes, you must go back.  We have laid in some goodly supplies and journeyed to the far away lands of Norrath, visiting our Home/ Sister Guild--Lava Forged--to help ward off the threat that has beset the lands. 

If you'd like to join us, contact Kittaene in either game or here (in-game is faster).  Aye, EQ2 may be an older game, but it is easy on the eye and on the CPU. Their new Expac has just launched and is quite entrancing...if you'd like to join us, we are on Antonia Bayle.   We will still be in Guild Wars 2, as always, and visiting Archeage from time to time. 

<3 Kitty

Rough Seas...New Lands

Kittybock, Sep 16, 14 1:01 PM.
We sailed the waters of Beta...loved the lands of Kyrios.  Given all the settlers and pirates that invaded our home...we've decided to make a new home on the shores of Inoch.  Please join us...

In other words--queues and lack of land on Kyrios became a little taxing for some and from a long-term standpoint, drained a bit of fun from the game for us.  Inoch is a new server.  Enjoy

<3 Kitty

All Aboard!!!

Kittybock, Sep 10, 14 2:13 PM.
Aye matey...jump aboard and set sail with yer mates, umm...why am I talking like this?  ;)  Hey, everyone, join us in Archeage!  If you are a Founder, Headstart opens on the 12th and the game rolls out on the 16th.  We are on Kyrios server, West faction--which means you need to be either Nuians or Elves.  Contact on here or in-game and we can set you up on voice! 
PF will still has folks holding down the fort in GW2, so if Archeage is not your thing, no worries...we will see you on and off.  If you are part of iyr GW2 family, enjoy the changes this week.



Setting Sail in Archeage...

Kittybock, Aug 30, 14 12:41 PM.
While we still love our guild mates and family in GW2, some have taken to the High Seas, in search of fame, fortune and adventure abroad in Archeage  We will still be alive & well in both games, but will be utilizing either Primal's guild TS or Guild Mumble Server for Archeage.

There is an Open Beta scheduled, beginning Sept 4th thru the 8th.  Archeage has also just announced its launch date of Sept. 16th!  It embraces both a F2P platform and a P2P upgrade option.  We've loved it so far...   Here, there be pirates ;)  Climb aboard and set sail with us to new lands.  If it's not for you, we will see you in GW2. 


There's no place like home....

Kittybock, Aug 10, 14 11:05 AM.

We've journeyed the lands of Tyria and made an occasional jump to the other tiers, in attempts to assist other servers--something I've always loved--but we've decided to return home to Tarnished Coast.  Despite the changing dynamic, overtime, that is where we began and when I posted I was coming back, they'd made me feel so welcomed.  Those that have joined us in our travels are all welcome on TC--they are happy to have you. 

Transferring servers has opened the door to meeting many awesome friends and learning so much...I hope those we've encountered enjoyed the time we've spent within their ranks.  For those that chose not to move with us, I do understand.  To my friends that do choose to make that leap:  Welcome home.  I've always called TC my soon as I returned I jumped to TCBL and was greeted, even lead as if I'd not left.  Yes, lots of new faces/ voices to meet, but in the end;  There's no place like home....


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