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Have a safe trip, Adam
I'm out of town until Wednesday night. Hope you guys had successful guild missions today!
I crashed several times on login. giving up til tomorrow
good morning
Trojan, thanks for joining us!
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Welcome to Primal Fury, part of the Sanctum of Rall Community.

Primal Fury's roots began in old MMO's, though the core group met in a now defunct browser game, where we ran under the moniker of Primal Fur.  A group of intrepid adventurers, carving an enjoyable path through six MMO's together.  Meeting intriguing friends along the journey, we have finally made our home here, in Guild Wars 2.  Starting on Tarnished Coast and helping a server or two along the way, we've settled here, on Sanctum of Rall.

So glad that you have joined us...Welcome Home.

<3 Kitty
Guild News

Rall with the changes...

Kittybock, May 25, 14 12:30 PM.

WvW is constantly changing...the bandwagons continue--as we all know.  The upper severs have those that suddenly change home-server in droves, leaving their old lands in search of something new.  We, on the other hand, have been trying to reclaim the magic of that climb, which we'd experienced back in the old days of TC.  Running with a huge group in TCBL; chatting while killing, about everything from SyFy channel to the Princess Bride, mixed with thoughts on the latest build. <3  That teamwork, the drive...yet maintaining a sense of fun. 

We've watched Sanctum of Rall's demographic change dramatically, as a large portion of their force had moved to TC, just prior to the start of Spring Tournament.  Their fall through the ranks has been steady, but each time I've viewed their map...they've held onto that upper triangle at least, no matter how skewed the battle was, due to the Swiss-style tournament and the fact that they are locked into a mismatch until its end.  That spoke volumes.  It looked like what we would do.  Upon discussion within PF, we decided to give it a try.  So, we have moved.  If any Guild members would like assistance moving to the server with us, SoR, please contact me.  Those that we have met thus far have given us the warmest welcome of anywhere in the game...and that is not BS. 

Thank you to those of you that have made the leap of faith, each time we have tried.   I cannot see a reason to move again, these folks are awesome.   Lol and thanks to those that followed me the other day, when I'd attempted to lead in EoTM, which was really a leap of faith.  I, umm, killed the zerg.  Good Fun. 

If you have not been on for awhile, please stop by...we've missed you. 

<3  Kitty

Building Momentum...

Kittybock, Feb 1, 14 10:27 AM.
Team, we will try to add news to the forums and helpful info.  If you run into likely victims...umm, I mean potential guildies *grins* in WvW, please contact myself or an Officer to have them added to the Guild.  We are actively trying to rebuild the guild. 

We will also work on some WvW basics.  I am adding some info to our forums and you may want to sign up for  This is the Tarnished Coast Community website and contains quite a bit of valid information and is a great place to share ideas.  Of course, please feel free to share ideas here in our forums as well. 

We look forward to growing our team and building momentum, as we move forward.

Happy adventuring,


Times are Changing...

Kittybock, May 3, 13 10:35 AM.

WvW Reset Times have changed: 
9PM EDT, 8PM CDT and 6PM PDT (server time). 
Please join us on Tarnished Coast Borderlands, once again, for Reset Night! 

As with last week, no other Guilds have requested TCBL for Reset.  The TC Militia & Primal do an awesome job working as one Team on Reset.  I appreciate everyone that makes it and do understand if Real Life prevents you from assisting.

Other Changes--The Face of TC
We've all experienced the stress with the numerous transfers to our server, of late, and what they refer to as "bandwagon transfers".   It has changed the face of what was a quiet, mature RP community.  As TC continues its climb towards Tier 1, this will become progressively more difficult to maintain our server culture.  Please endeavor in so doing! 

My original goal in becoming a Commander--so long ago--was that the Militia would be enabled to run together, no matter the size of the Guild.  Our guild has grown; thank you all!  Please remember:  Be friendly, fair...have fun...while killing the enemy :D  I stand behind that....  The TC Militia, along with the work of many strong Guilds in GW2, brought us to Tier 2. what made this server great, the heart of TC:  The Community!

<3 Kitty

Commander Kittaene
Tarnished Coast
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